Sirichan Clinic & Thai Massage Centre

Sirichan Clinic & Thai Massage Centre



I live and work in Bagdad, Iraq, and come home to Chiang Mai every five or six weeks. Every time I am in town, I treat myself by visiting Nooy and receive ear treatments, body balance along with full spinal check… every time I depart Chiang Mai, I feel new and physically ready for the next challenge… Nooy, thanks for everything. 

Jeff (USA)


E la prima volta che trovo una massaggiatrice tanta professionale, gentile che merita che venga ancora per affidarmi alle sua amorevoli cuore. 

Eraldo (Italy)

 Nooy, Thank you A LOT! Your knowledge and your love make an incredible, wonderful and powerful healer. Nobody understands our body like you before, and heal it with so much strength and softness in the same time. It was an honor to meet you and receive healing. THANK YOU KHAP KHUN KA/KRAP MERCIIIIII 

Ludo and Fanny (France)


Dear Doctor Nooy!

It was the most intensive and beautiful treatment of my life! Now I believe completely in alternative medicine and I became a great fan of Thai medicine. It was painful but you know that I laughed almost for the whole time! So I guess that was a pure happy pain! First, such an experience in my life-and first experience is always unforgettable! So thank you so much!
I wish you great energy, passion and true love for life, people and your work (well, this one for sure you have because you are amazing in it!)

Marta (Poland)


I had ear spa and hot pot, two totally new and totally positive experiences for learning and health. Words don’t teach, only experience teaches. Thank you for all the loving care, Nooy. 

Jill (Spain)


Nooy is a master masseuse who expertly relieved a knotted muscle / tendon in my calf. I had been suffering with this problem for almost twenty years and se fixed it in no time. I felt like a million bucks after her treatment. She’s the best…

Jon (USA)


C’est pour mon deuxième massage avec Nooy que je découvre le nouvel espace où elle va officier à partir de maintenant. Je ne peux que louer la douceur et la fermeté avec lesquelles Nooy a remis mes énergies à leurs places. J’aimerais tant avoir l’un de ses massages que ce soit complet ou comme aujourd’hui plus spécifiquement sur la partie abdominale, centre de toutes les émotions et de l’énergie vitale, j’aimerais tant pouvoir vivre plus proche pour avoir cette chance d’être massé comme Nooy sait si merveilleusement le faire. Il ne me reste plus qu’à continuer de venir à Chiang Mai. Chaque année au moins pour venir prendre un massage. Merci Nooy ! Kop Khun Khrap!

Jérôme (Paris-France)


Amazing days in Thai! Lovin’ it! All the therapies and yoga classes, relaxing like never before. Learning about myself and your culture! Hope to come many times again. Really nice to meet you and have all these amazing experiences! Hope to see you in Brazil too. My home is your home. Thanks. All the best!

Larissa (Brazil)