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A blending of Chi Nei Tsang and Nuad Tong Boran

Abdominal Massage

Authentic massage therapy to free the abdomen

Abdominal Detox Therapy (Nuad Tong Boran) is an ancient Lanna therapy originally designed for women. This therapy combines appropriate abdominal massage and a hot herbal treatment that loosens and frees the stomach from stress, painful tensions, emotions and blocked energies, as well as much more according to each one's condition.

The treatment is directed on clearing the abdomen, the source of most disorders. The release of blocked emotions in the abdomen allows the body, mind and health to come back to their natural balanced states of happiness.

The Abdominal Detox Therapy also tones and tightens the skin tissues of the abdominal region, relaxes the nervous system, rejuvenates the body and detoxifies the organs, which in turn relaxes the face making you really look and feel like born again.


"Abdominal detox therapy: If you are in Chiang Mai, this is probably the opportunity of a lifetime! Don't miss it!" Bruno

Some of the symptoms relieved by the abdominal massage

  • physical, emotional and energetic stagnation at various levels (menstrual cramps, digestive distress, muscular pain and tension);
  • it improves elimination, restores and stimulates the lymph, blood and energy flow;
  • strengthens the immune system, enhancing resistance to disease;
  • works on the visceral structures and positioning of internal organs, stimulating them to work better; and
  • relieves deep-seated tensions.
Price: 1000 THB per hour