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Ancient pregnancy treatment from a Chiang Mai midwife

Lanna (Chiang Mai) pre-natal massage

The pre-natal treatment is one of Dr Nooy's most beautiful treatments to help mothers-to-be regaining the needed energy to carry their baby.

Dr Nooy learned massage from her Grand-mother Wissim who was master in herbs and midwife. This massage has been performed thousands of times before her. It is designed for the mother-to-be, as well as for the future baby!

After childbirth

Therapeutic massage for pregnant women has been developed since ancient times because Thai women have always been extremely attentive to the quality of their skin. And the post-natal period of time is an essential phase in the life of a woman’s body.

The Sirichan post-natal revitalizing treatment is based on ancient herbal treatments designed to bring back their elasticity and softness to the damaged tissues around the abdomen.

Price: 1000 THB per hour


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