Sirichan Clinic & Thai Massage Center

Sirichan Clinic & Thai Massage Center


Traditional Thai bodywork modalities

These are some of the massage techniques used and mixed at the Sirichan Clinic of Chiang Mai, in order to adapt to each one's body, needs, sensitivity and healing process.

Aroma Oil Therapy

Therapeutic oil massage aims at restoring the muscles capacities to relax, bringing oxygen, improve lymph flow, and allow for further treatment.


Tok Sen

Tok Sen is a unique Lanna therapy given by using a wooden hammer and stick. It sends a rhythmical vibration in the body that allows the targeted area to balance, open and get re-structured. This technique is highly effective on big or overly tense bodies. In ancient times, Tok Sen was applied on farmers coming back from the field for a quick release of their muscular tensions. Today Tok Sen is the perfect therapy for people working hard... at their desk!


Traditional Thai Massage

This is the worldwide known therapy that can release blockages, improve motion range and induce blood and nutrients flow in the body.

At the Sirichan Clinic, we mix the Northern and the Southern style of Thai massage. We include Jap Sen (working on tendons), acupressure, palm press, stretchings, abdominal massage, yoga-like postures and more.

We have developed and used all the therapeutic techniques that traditional Thai massage has to offer.


Thai Hot Herbals

Herbal therapy consists in diffusing in the body what Nature has the best to offer to help us healing. At the Sirichan Clinic, we apply hot compresses like generally done in a spa, but we also use other ancient techniques which haven’t been marketed worldwide.


Foot Reflexology

The foot massage therapy aims at restoring the feet as well as muscles and organs that are interconnected. The result is a subtle and deep releasing effect on nerves and organs, as well as renewed energy.


Body Balancing & Spinal Setting

A softer form of chiropractic cleverly combined with Thai massage techniques. Performed on a massage table or on the floor, Body Balancing & Spinal Setting is the subtle art of balancing the whole body and its energies. It is a mostly effective treatment to re-load your energy and improve the structural repositioning of the body parts.


Thai Cupping Therapy

Thai Cupping Therapy draws wind, blood, mucous and toxins which lie deep in the body up to the surface to allow the body to process and expel them.  

Thai Cupping is remarkably effective for:

  • Reducing scar tissue.                    
  • Releasing tight fascia.
  • Releasing heat.                            
  • Dispersing stagnation.
  • Releasing adhesions.                    
  • Dispersing accumulated waste
  • Problems caused by toxic blood
  • Regulating Wind in the body



The Thai word "Amatarot" could be translated by something like "Eternal Life Force" or "Forever Young". This amazingly efficient therapy was created by a Thai monk during the last century. In spite of its great healing qualities, it is not very well-known, even within the Thai community. 
Amatarot works deeply on the tendons and fascia. The therapeutic impact of Amatarot has no equivalent. For sciatica, face, posture imbalance, for joints issues, all kinds of physical pains, low energy, tensions and many more. It can reshape the physical structure and level up the amount of oxygen in the body. It stimulates areas and awakens cells in the body like no other therapy. 
Hence its name: Forever Young!