Therapeutic Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Old City

The Thai Traditional Clinic of Dr Nooy Re-opens in Chiang Mai

Since November 12, 2018, the Sirichan Clinic is back in Chiang Mai.

Easy to find: the address is Moon Muang Road, Soi 9 (15 mtrs away from the Blue Diamond Breakfast Club).

See you soon.

The Sirichan Clinic

Healing massage therapy for a new you

Welcome to the Sirichan Clinic!

If you are looking for an alternative bodywork or massage therapy. Whether it is for a relief from a chronic or temporary pain, or because you like massage and are eager to compare the best massage therapists in Chiang Mai (Thailand), 

The Sirichan Clinic is for you.

Where to Start? Thai traditional check-up

When you come at the Sirichan Clinic for the first time, you will be submitted to a traditional medical check-up. You will learn about yourself, your general health and the tensions present in your body.

Our specializations

We are specialized in abdominal massage therapy and face massage, as well as therapeutic massage for sports, stress-related issues, old injuries, chronic or temporary pain.

If you wish to have an overview of the wonders of Thai traditional therapies, take a look around this website. Enjoy the visit! 


"Khap khun kaa! A treatment of Nooy feels like being born again. The precise moves of her massage, all those tasty, good swelling, healthy herbs, her creativity… a wholesome understanding of health. I consider myself very lucky to have found "Doctor" Nooy… and feel 10 years younger now. Thank you so much!" Mirjam (Switzerland)


Accreditation and Recognition

  • Recognized by the Thai Ministry of Public Health
  • Member of the Union of Traditional Thai Medicine Society (Thailand)